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  • Internet Initial Consultation: £70
    Internet Follow-up Consultation: £45

    London Initial Consultation: £90
    London Follow-up Consultation: £50

  • Internet Consultations
    Monday to Saturday : 9h00 – 22h00

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  • Free 15 min consultations
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Homeopathic consultations are very different from an average appointment with a doctor. You will have time,  personal attention and continued support throughout your treatment. Your first consultation can take up to 1 hour. This allows us to gather as much information about you as possible. Follow-up consultations are usually half an hour long.


Spring Homeopathy is a partnership between two homeopaths:

Alix and Penny

 There will always be someone to answer your needs

Alix Whittal
Alix WhittalBSc (Hons) Homeopathy, LCHE, MARH, CEASE
Alix is a London trained Homeopath and professionally registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), practising since 2011.
Alix is bilingual and she is consulted by both English-speaking and French-speaking adults and children suffering from a wide range of different conditions.
Before starting the partnership with Penny, she practised homeopathy in Japan for four four years at the Tokyo Paramedi Clinic, alongside two osteopaths and a psychotherapist. At the time Alix was specialising in skin diseases, especially eczema associated with allergies and the occurrence of asthma.
Since her return to the UK practice, Alix is seeing more and more patients with menopausal problems. Alix has always had a special interest in hormones, natural and synthetic, how they work and what they do to your body. Menopause and perimenopause have become part of her main areas of speciality.
Alix is trained in CEASE therapy which integrates homeopathy, detoxification and nutritional supplements to address problems such as autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities.
Alix studied Homeopathy at the RLHH (Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital) and graduated with a BSc Honours in homeopathy. She trained in both classical and practical homeopathy.

Penny Pritchard
Penny PritchardBSc (Hons) Homeopathy, LCHE, Bowen, Acupuncture (Shangai University), MRSS
Penny began her career in complementary medicine in 1989. In 1993 she qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner with M.R.S.S. (Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society ) certification. She then studied Acupuncture and gained a Diploma in the United Kingdom and from the University of Shanghai, China in 1997. Penny practised and taught these two disciplines in Bristol where she also ran a Natural Therapy Centre. Penny added Neurostructural Integration Technique (Bowen) to her skills in 2003. In 2010 she embarked on her study of Homeopathy with Centre for Homeopathic Education and gained her BSc in June 2013. Penny has completed clinical homeopathic training in India, post-graduate training with Dr Ramakrishnan and Orion (Contemporary College of Homeopathy). Penny is currently studying with George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy and has completed part of the Masters in Homeopathy with University of Central Lancashire.
Penny has experience of treating a wide range of conditions and her particular specialisation is the use of complementary healing in gynaecology, pregnancy and labour.
Penny also has substantial knowledge of geriatric dementia.